Positive Relaxation is offering FREE 20 minute guided visualisation tasters during the Lancaster Fun Palace weekend of Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of October. If you wish to combat stress or find ways to overcome negative thinking, then relaxation may be perfect for you.

You can join one of the sessions on Saturday and Sunday at Lancaster Fun Palace 2018.

Visit the Positive Relaxation website here.

Guided visualisations offer relaxation and also help you to focus your mind to meet objectives and improve well being. Relaxation is required as part of a healthy lifestyle as it improves focus and positive thinking.

Relaxation therapy can harness the power of visualisation to reduce stress from our busy lives. By including relaxation in your routine, you can clear your mind of the negative thinking caused by stress and anxiety.

Guided meditation helps us to connect with our sub conscious. When we are completely relaxed, our minds are open to positive suggestions that can help us to become better equipped to face the challenges ahead of us.

Are you interested in the benefits of relaxation therapy? Join our friendly guided relaxation group to help relieve the stress in your life. Our relaxation classes include guided meditation, positive affirmation and visualisation.

What is a guided relaxation?

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