Discover ‘Which Fruit Floats?’ at the Lancaster Maritime Museum as part of Lancaster Fun Palace 2017.

Saturday 7th October 2017
10.30am – 3.30pm

Drop in sessions running throughout the day.

Go bananas when you take part in our ‘Which Fruit Floats’ workshop at Lancaster Maritime Museum for a day of scientific experimenting fun.

Visitors will be given a list of fruits and asked to decide which will float and which will sink.
Then everybody takes part in the experiment to reveal the answers.
Our scientists will explain why and how some fruits float while others sink.

You can also do our hide and seek quiz trail – find the science experiment objects hidden around the museum.

Can you invent a better potion than Georges Marvellous Medicine?? Write your own Marvellous Medicine poem or draw the ingredients for your potion – don’t forget to write down what will happen to the person who drinks the potion!!

Lancaster Maritime Museum, Customs House, St George’s Quay, Lancaster, LA1 1RB
01524 382264

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