Hello, we are Wicked Workshops, a provider of fun, educational, inclusive workshops for children! We deliver interactive workshops that all children can get involved with!

We will be attending Lancaster Fun Palace and delivering two very special and exciting workshops!

Wicked Workshops

Wannabe a Pirate?

Yo! Ho! Ho! Let’s set sail across the seven seas and look for treasure you scurvy band of pirates! We’ll let you form your own band of pirates and sail the seven seas. We’ll teach you how to defend a ship from skeletons, giant squids and other pirates. How to communicate in semaphore and avoid getting the black spot and then we’ll set off on a quest to find some ancient buried treasure! Arrrrrrr!!!!

Learn how to send a semaphore message

(find out what a semaphore message is?!) – the Pirate way!
Can you avoid the black spot? You will get the chance to do so!
What’s your Pirate name? Don’t know? We will help you figure it out!

Wannabe a Wizard

Do you want be a Master Wizard? Cast Amazing Spells? Ride a broomstick?
Then this is the workshop for you!
Our two Wizard Teachers will ensure that you become a Wonderful Wizard or a Wicked Witch
(maybe someone will even write a book about you)…

You will learn the secret Wizard handshake (don’t tell a non-Wizard about it though) and discover how to cast awesome magic spells (like ‘Clay Face’ and ‘Freeze’). You can also learn the basics of broomsticks and how to fly in formation with your wizard pals!

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